• Single contract for content and technology
• Simple way to integrate local channels
• No-code App Builder to create bespoke clients on any device

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2 April 2024: MwareTV, a prominent cloud-based multi-tenant platform provider, will be at NAB 2024 (booth W3558, Las Vegas Convention Center, 14 – 17 April) and will demonstrate how quick and simple it is to establish and run a complete streaming television service, from content to clients.

“Telcos, ISPs and other service providers see television services as potentially big earners, and a way to retain subscribers,” said MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens. “The idea of building a delivery system, integration with subscriber management, and the legal challenges around acquiring content seem daunting. We answer all of these questions and more in a single, low-cost, revenue-focused Television as a Service package.”

TV as a Service including national and local channels
MwareTV has established deals with the major US broadcasters to provide more than 200 national and regional channels in a single license, giving operators of new services all the popular content viewers demand.

To add local channels – popular for news coverage – MwareTV make this simple with an over-the-air set-top box with ATSC dongle. Local channels are received and added seamlessly into the channel list, giving the consumer a single user experience for national and local channels.

The turnkey MwareTV platform includes everything you need to manage and operate the TV service like content management, subscriber management, product management, content delivery network to stream to an unlimited number of subscribers, content protection approved by all networks and the App Builder to configure your own Apps for mobiles, tablets, smart TV’s and media players.

App Builder
The user experience is defined by the service provider using MwareTV’s unique App Builder. With this App Builder you can create apps for all the common devices and platforms without needing to write a single line of code. A simple drag-and-drop design tool means you can quickly build a user experience, with all your corporate style and branding, making it intuitive for your subscribers, confident that it will be fully functional and integrated with the core platform.

Billing module
Latest enhancements to the system include a new billing module for the TVMS (television management system) software, adding revenue-earners like shopping as well as subscription management and all the functionality needed for successful monetization.

MwareTV is fully cloud-hosted, avoiding the need for capital investment in hardware, and tying costs directly to subscriber numbers and therefore revenues. The system grows as revenues increase. Taken together with the one-stop content licensing and simple user interface design, a completely new service can be online within just a few weeks.

“NAB is a great opportunity to talk to organizations who would love to offer streaming media but worry about content licensing, making the right technology investments, and integrating it into their overall customer experience,” Kerstens said. “In a brief conversation on our booth, we can answer all these questions and send visitors off with a fully working proof of concept and business case: our Television as a Service platform really is that powerful.”

To find out how streaming television can drive revenues and subscriber retention, and how simply and cost-effectively it can be set up, visit MwareTV on booth W3558 at NAB 2024, or see more at mwaretv.com.


About MwareTV
MwareTV is the world’s leading cloud-based multi-tenant TV platform. MwareTV offers unique solutions split into six building blocks: Broadcast, Delivery, Management, Audience, Devices and Licensing. MwareTV brings an advanced well integrated platform with ease of use for your entire broadcast operation, be it for traditional TV or next-gen multiscreen platforms. MwareTV has deployments in over 25 countries, enabling TV networks to launch, manage, and monetize anywhere in the world. MwareTV has offices in Amsterdam, Thailand, Brazil, India. For more information, visit https://www.mwaretv.com.

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