In a landmark move for the broadcasting industry, Radio Kerry, a cornerstone of Irish radio, has significantly upgraded its broadcasting capabilities with WorldCast Systems’ cutting-edge technology. This collaboration has introduced the Ecreso FM AiO Series transmitters, enhanced with SmartFM technology, APT IP Codecs, and the Audemat RDS Encoder to Radio Kerry’s operations in County Kerry, Ireland.

The transition was driven by the need for more reliable and efficient broadcasting solutions. Radio Kerry’s decision to adopt WorldCast Systems’ offerings came after facing challenges with their previous equipment, including power supply issues and inefficiencies. The choice to switch was underscored by WorldCast’s reputation for durability, technical support, and user-friendly interfaces.

The Ecreso FM AiO Series stood out for its overall efficiency, robust build, and ease of maintenance, featuring hot swap power supply and fans. Additionally, the integration of SmartFM technology has not only optimized energy usage but also aligned with Radio Kerry’s commitment to reducing operational costs and CO2 emissions.

The successful implementation of WorldCast Systems’ technology at Radio Kerry showcases the potential for other stations to revolutionize their broadcasting capabilities. The partnership has set a new standard for reliability and efficiency in the industry, marking a significant step forward in how radio broadcasts are delivered and managed.