Company’s New Comms Division Will Deploy State-of-the-Art Intercom Solutions, such as Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom, for Future Projects

ATLANTA, SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 — With some of the most experienced engineers and technicians in the southeastern United States, In Concert Productions (ICP) has been on the forefront of technology and service for many years. While the company was built on providing expert sound production and audio services, ICP has quickly scaled into a full-service event production company, recognized as the go-to solution in the Atlanta region and beyond.

Due to its on-going success, In Concert Productions has announced its new comms division, ICP Comms. With this, the Georgia facility’s climate-controlled tech space will now include new state-of-the art comms gear, including a variety of products from Pliant Technologies.

Tasked with building out the new division, VP of Business Development Jim Fay was responsible for choosing the new coms equipment. As a long-time fan and user of Pliant Technologies, he knew that he could, without a doubt, count on the brand’s CrewCom Intercom System.

“CrewCom was an easy choice for me because I’ve used it so many times. We bat 1,000 with it every time we use it, and there’s not too many products I can say that about,” says Fay. “It operates in the 900MHz band, which you’re more likely to have success with than you are with any of the other products out there right now.”

Fay loves CrewCom’s audio quality, which he previously discovered while working on a very loud TV series that is centered around a singing competition. “While using the old intercom system the handheld camera operators were having trouble hearing each other and other staff,” he says. “We noticed after using Pliant, the operators were able to hear clearly throughout the entire show. The clarity and intelligibility were unmatched.”

Fay has also always been impressed with CrewCom’s wireless range, which he knows will be needed for ICP Comms. “With CrewCom’s excellent range, you can save on setup time and labor, and use less equipment because you can cover a wide area with the system. For example, I’ve recommended Pliant for red carpet projects, to manage coms for the entire carpet.”

In addition, it was important for Fay to find a durable solution for the new division as it is likely that multiple production projects will take place consecutively, and Pliant hit that mark as well: “It’s more rugged than anything we’ve used,” he says.

With plans to deploy Pliant’s wireless intercom for future production projects, ICP Comms has acquired several Pliant products for its rental inventory, including a CCU, six Radio Transceivers and 18 4-volume Radio Packs. From his past experience with Pliant, Fay is confident that the CrewCom intercom system will be a reliable option for the new division’s forthcoming clientele, as he claims it’s qualities, “stand out from the rest.”

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