Barix announce The Paging Gateway M400 a powerful extension of the IC Paging platform

Barix today announced the Paging Gateway M400 hardware, its latest innovation in modern paging technology and public address applications.
This affordable device allows paging from your smartphone into any analog PA system. The new gateway integrates seamlessly with Barix’s IP-based IC Paging solution, which allows zone-based paging via mobile devices and web browsers.

The Paging Gateway M400 integrates easily with analog paging systems or public address systems. It allows users to send paging announcements via their Android(r), iOS(r), or any other computer connected to the local network. Paging is performed through a web browser , so there is no need to install a separate app. A browser shortcut button can be dropped onto the phone’s screen, and users can then click to page. The Paging Gateway M400 hardware provides line-level analog audio output that can be routed to existing PA amplifiers and paging systems. Password-protected access allows only authorized users to page.

Reto Brader CEO of Barix stated that the mobile phone is the preferred method of making public announcements today. “But why throw out a working analog system just so you can allow paging from your mobile device? The Paging Gateway M400 is a cost-effective solution to upgrade existing analog paging or public address systems and bring them into the smartphone age.”

The Paging Gateway M400 brings many benefits to analog-based systems many, the new hardware will also allow Barix to extend its advanced IC Paging platform. IC Paging, is a complete IP-based paging platform and intercom system that uses existing IT infrastructure to deliver high-quality audio, it is widely used in schools, businesses and public buildings around the globe.

The Paging Gateway M400 allows mobile phones and computers, as well as other devices, to be used in new or existing IC Paging deployments as zone-capable paging stations. Again, paging can be done via a web browser without the need for an app download. The user selects the zones to be accessed and IC Paging routes the announcements to the appropriate speakers or amplifiers.

“The Paging Gateway M400 is a powerful extension of the already-robust IC Paging platform,” added Brader. “It enables users to easily page into their desired zones from wherever they are in the building through the mobile phone in their pocket.”

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